market liquidity

Blockswater is an algorithmic liquidity provider for blockchain-based assets.


Our algorithms reduce systemic risk in modern financial markets.

Blockswater is continuously providing two-sided market liquidity, even in the most extreme market environments.

Our Results

Liquidity Resilience

Our mission is to improve liquidity resilience and as a result, improve market quality.

Market Making

As market maker, we are reducing risk and transaction costs for blockchain-based assets such as Bitcoin.


Blockswater is a liquidity provider in one of the currently most volatile markets.


We are learning from fragile market structures how to reduce risk under extreme market conditions.

24/7 market presence

Unlike traditional financial instruments, crypto assets are traded 24 hours a day on 365 days a year. We are always there to provide competitive quotes, even in the most volatile situations.


Time in Market

Liquidity provided

We already traded more than 250 million USD worth of bitcoin in 2018. Our bitcoin market making track record goes back to 2015.


Volume in 2018

No liquidity consumption

The aggressive/passive ratio is calculated as amounts executed aggressively (the order initiating the trade) divided by all amounts traded. French regulator AMF found that some traditional market makers consume even more liquidity than they provide, when their aggressive/passive ratio exceeds 50% during periods of high volatility.


Aggressive/Passive Ratio


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Blockswater is based in Vienna, Linz and London

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